Cleaning the apartment can sometimes be a tough task. Especially if one does not organize well, it is a real burden and every housewife will agree to it. How to make it as effective as possible? Today I will share with you some effective hints. I heard about them from one expert cleaner in End of tenancy cleaning London.

Preparing for cleaning

This phase is very important. You have delayed as much as you can, but there is no way anywhere – so much is neglected everything that you want or not, the apartment needs to be cleaned. First, determine the amount of time you can spend on this endeavour. Then decide which are the main stages of the cleaning and see how each of them can fit in the time you have planned. One of the most important things is to start with the toughest areas. The council is quite logical, given that as the cleaning progresses, your strength and enthusiasm will decrease. So, while you are still charged with energy, throw away the most difficult tasks, but leave the lightest for the end.

  • Clean all hard surfaces

    This includes – chairs, tables, a library, shelves, lockers, and so on. They, as well as everything else at home, have taken different dusts, dirt and bacteria, so how cleaner they are, the better for you and your health. Preparations can be selected according to the type of the object. For wood, preparation for wooden surfaces and so on.

  • Get the covers in the sun

    Soak the soft tissue and destroy the tedious odours. Whether we are talking about the quilt or the pillow. Everything can be done, including carpets. Pour them and leave for a few hours in the sun.

  • Clean the flooring

    Since you have carpets and paths, go with a wet or dry cloth, depend on the flooring and clean everything and every little corner. The better cleaned, the cleaner the air and the cleaner room.

  • Vacuuming everything

    Return carpets from their sunbaths and put them in place. Once you’ve set up the room again, do everything with the vacuum cleaner.

Do not forget about the windows. They are the most important in the living room because there is much more time than the other rooms and the more natural light the better.

Tips for Optimizing Your Cleaning Routine

Corridors, stairs and entrance

  • Remove all carpets and paths
  • Just like in the living room, take everything out of the floor and dab it, then let it bake. This includes all the shoes, no matter which season they are or when you last cashed them.
  • Go with a wet mop
  • Because these places are most polluted, the better you clean the base, the better your efforts will be visible. Floor preparation is an excellent choice because you are very likely to handle stubborn dirt.
  • Clean each shelf
  • This includes the one for the shoes, each step or any other object hanging on the wall or floor. The more dirt you get from each spot, the longer you will have a clean home.

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